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ESCOs, energy professionals

ESCOs, energy professionals

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ESCOs, energy professionals

Energy Efficiency in Action

Many times, energy-efficiency professionals prioritize building system upgrades such as lighting and HVAC controls that give a speedy ROI. But building envelopes can be upgraded economically and effectively with SolarZone window films.

In fact, over 30% of an average building’s cooling load is due to solar heat gain through glazing. By applying SolarZone solar control window film to the glass, you can control the amount of solar radiation entering the building. This not only reduces heat buildup, temperature fluctuations, and hot spots but also cuts HVAC expenditures dramatically.

A glazing upgrade with SolarZone films will —

  • Reduce heat buildup, temperature fluctuation and hot spots
  • Lower expenses for cooling and heating
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Decrease peak demand required for summer cooling
  • Prolong service life of HVAC equipment and reduce required capacity
  • Preserve natural light and increase visual comfort by reducing glare
  • Prevent exposure of people, furniture, and fixtures to harmful UV radiation

And we haven’t forgotten about the ROI: The payback time for SolarZone window films is usually under three years.

The SolarZone energy-efficiency package adds an effective new energy conservation measure to your business: glazing upgrades.

Add Retrofit Glazing Upgrades to Your Service Portfolio

When you partner with Hanita, you are partnering with an experienced turnkey provider committed to providing you with the technical expertise and professional support to ensure that your glazing upgrade project is carried out smoothly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Whatever your goal, whatever your project constraints, there’s a SolarZone film to meet your requirements. We match the right energy-efficient film with the needs of your project, and we work with certified SolarZone installers to make sure it is installed correctly. Above all, you get Hanita’s industry-leading total project support for the life of the project.

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