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SolarZone presents a simple retrofit solution for upgrading performance and appearance.

Successful renovation projects require adequate planning and consideration of the solutions available that meet the projects’ goals.

Improvements in thermal performance often involve HVAC system components (chillers, fans, and motors) and envelope upgrades for better insulation and air-tightness of walls, roof, doors, and windows.

Improving insulation of the glazing components to lower the U-value can reduce heat loss during the winter. Lowering exposure to solar radiation can reduce solar heat gain in summer.

Architectural taste changes over time, and the bronze or gold façade so popular in the 80’s can look tired and outdated.  SolarZone window film can offer the ideal solution for an aesthetic make-over -at a fraction of the cost of a glazing replacement- that not only delivers energy savings, but can also enhance property value. 

SolarZone Window Films Meet the Renovation Challenge

SolarZone window films not only offer an excellent ROI through energy saving but provide increased comfort due to the reduction of heat and glare and rejection of harmful UV radiation. Low-E SolarZone films increase energy efficiency even more by improving window insulation and reducing heat gain.

Double-glazed windows (Insulated Glass Units, or IGUs) give high levels of thermal insulation and sound insulation but at the same time allow excess solar radiation inside. SolarZone Xtra high-durability exterior window films make the right choice for an energy upgrade retrofit for IGUs.

Consider performance, payback, and long-term value in your renovation project. Let Hanita present you with information about saving energy and reducing carbon emissions with the SolarZone window film option that meets your renovation needs.


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