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Hotel and Hospitality Managers

Hotel and Hospitality Managers

Hotel and Hospitality Managers

SolarZone: High Guest Comfort – Low HVAC Cost

SolarZone window films transform your hotel by turning sun-baked lobbies, overheated atriums and blinding picture windows into cool and comfortable interiors.

Available in a wide spectrum of finishes, from cool silver to subtle smoke, these beautiful films can provide a full-scale, aesthetic upgrade to your hotel’s exterior – or preserve its original appearance with virtually indiscernible, heat-rejecting film.

SolarZone can be installed quickly and easily with no disruption to guests or hotel operations. And with SolarZone, you receive a low-cost HVAC upgrade that delivers energy efficiency and cost savings from day one. In fact, a SolarZone project can pay for itself within 3 years, and then offer an additional decade of non-stop, maintenance-free service.

Upgrade Energy Efficiency

Composed of sophisticated micro-thin polyester film enhanced by Hanita’s patented layered coating, SolarZone effectively filters UV, visible light and infrared heat. This reduces intrusive solar energy and heat buildup and improves the operational efficiency of your HVAC equipment.

With SolarZone, you:

  • Reduce solar heat gain by up to 80%
  • Cut energy bills by up to 20%
  • Enhance your green rating and certification

SolarZone, the complete turnkey solution for a glazing upgrade, will improve your hotel’s functionality and appearance, provide significant long-term energy savings and ensure a swift return on your investment.

Upgrade Every Area in your Hotel

SolarZone window films turn troublesome hotspots into ideal locations…

Eliminate glare and hotspots, enabling guests to enjoy their stay to the full – both night and day. 

Now, curtains can stay wide open while temperatures remain enjoyable low. Guests will love how filtered sunlight keeps rooms bright but cool; you’ll love the lower HVAC costs. 

Where glass safety is an issue, Hanita’s window films are the answer. With a wide range of options, SolarZone Safe’s anti-fragmentation solutions meet all safety standards for impact-resistant glass. 

Add privacy and designer elegance to doors, windows and room dividers SolarZone’s selection of matte-white film finishes gives a translucent sandblast effect – the ideal touch for adding desired chic. 

Provide your guests with today’s most modern, energy-efficient meeting rooms. Hanita’s high-tech solutions keep large spaces cool, comfortable and glare-free, while keeping HVAC costs to a minimum. 

Reduce solar energy by up to 80%, with Hanita’s advanced films. Developed for glass or plastic glazing, they allow light in, while keeping glare, harmful UV radiation and infrared heat buildup out.


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