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Upgrading Energy Efficiency

Soaring energy costs, environmental legislation, and social consciousness are driving changes in building management. You need to save energy. You want to cut costs. What are the options? Switching to CFL lighting, improving insulation, and upgrading air-conditioning to more efficient units all present sensible choices. Still, one-third of energy costs typically come from cooling. And 80% of heat buildup comes from solar radiation through the glazing.

By controlling solar heat gain through windows, and reducing the cooling load, SolarZone window films can effectively help your building consume less energy. By filtering sunlight, rejecting heat, glare, and harmful UV radiation, SolarZone films neutralize hotspots and keep interior temperatures more stable. This means that the cooling system works less, peak demand is lowered, and the air-conditioning operates more efficiently — and inexpensively. Direct savings result from lower energy bills. Prolonging the service life of HVAC equipment and reducing the capacity required gives further savings.

In fact, depending on climate, glazing, and electricity costs, the payback time for SolarZone window films is usually under three years.

Upgrading Appearance

An energy-efficiency upgrade with SolarZone films not only improves the performance inside the building, but it can also dramatically enhance its exterior.

Whether you need to renovate the appearance of demetallized panes, or update the look of the 1970s gold glass, SolarZone can transform the façade at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glazing system. See case studies. But if your goal is to preserve the appearance and architectural integrity of a building, SolarZone’s range of Spectrally Selective energy-efficient films go virtually unnoticed on the glass yet provide significant levels of solar protection and energy savings.

Upgrading Safety

Responsibility for the property may extend beyond the building and its costs (to the environment or the building owners). You may be accountable for short- or long-term tenants or guests, equipment, and overall safety and welfare.
The ideal solution is SolarZone Safe, Hanita’s energy-saving solar control films that help protect from the dangers of broken glass. Because SolarZone Safe films firmly adhere to broken glass, they minimize dispersal of fragments and splinters, protect property, limit injury, and save lives.

Like our other solar control window films, SolarZone Safe goes beyond passive glazing protection. They possess outstanding solar control properties and contribute to energy efficiency by reducing unwelcome heat buildup. In fact, SolarZone Safe provides glass protection that pays for itself in energy savings. So, while you’re enhancing the energy efficiency of your property, you’re also making a commitment to delivering the protection people deserve by creating a safe environment with SolarZone Safe.


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