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Clear Protection

Clear Protection

Clear safety & security films

The SafetyZone range of safety and security window film improves home and workplace security by transforming their most vulnerable aspect – windows and glazing. Installing the right SafetyZone film can minimize the threat of glass-related injuries resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster.

  • Home

    In the home, 4 mil clear safety film will generally protect a child who stumbles into a glass door or smashes a ball through the window pane.
  • Commerce

    In downtown areas or commercial districts where there is a high concentration of glass-fronted buildings or shop windows, the threat of vandalism, robbery or terrorist attack demand the high level of protection provided by 7, 8, 12 and 15 mil SafetyZone films.
  • Industrial

    For buildings in the shadow of potentially explosive sites such as oil refineries, gas tanks and construction areas, SafetyZone 7, 8, 11, 12 and 15 mil security films offer increased protection.
  • Catastrophe

    In regions where the potential for damage originates from the threat of natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, severe storms or earthquakes, SafetyZone 12 or 15 mil security films can help save lives. 

Go beyond passive glazing protection.

Combine a glazing security upgrade with effective energy savings using SolarZone Safe.

New! Modular Safety Films

Clear Safety & Security films specially treated for pairing with any SolarZone film, delivering a simple security upgrade to solar control.

Product Data

Film Transmitted Reflected (Interior) Reflected (Exterior) UV Rejected Total Solar Energy Rejected
Clear Safety and Security Films
4 mil Clear 89% 10%   96% 16%
4 mil Clear
Xtra (exterior)
88% 10%   99% 17%
7 mil Clear 89% 10%   96% 16%
7 mil Clear
Xtra (exterior)
88% 11%   99% 17%
8 mil Clear 88% 11%   99% 17%
11 mil Clear 87% 11%   99% 18%
12 mil Clear 87% 11%   99% 18%
15 mil Clear 87% 11%   99% 18%

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