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XTRM Films

XTRM Films

XTRM Films

Extreme durability, Extreme savings, Extreme energy efficiency

XTRM is a new generation of extended-life exterior window films.  Its exceptional durability ensures energy-efficient performance year after year.  In fact, Hanita warrants XTRM exterior films for up to 15 years*!

Developed to tackle commercial projects where a long-term service period is critical to payback, XTRM delivers outstanding levels of heat rejection and UV block, and is compatible with nearly all types of glazing.

Thanks to its specially engineered construction and robust polymeric and chemical components, XTRM sets new standards on the long-term durability of outdoor window films.  It’s been tested and proven in the lab and the field under extreme weathering conditions.

XTRM Reflective Films

  • XTRM Silver 20X and 35X for exterior application to vertical architectural glass
  • XTRM SkyLite Silver 20X and PolyZone SkyLite for exterior application to flat and sloped roofing applications, for glass and plastic glazing.

XTRM Dual Reflective Films - NEW!

  • XTRM Titan 07, 20, 35 neutral grey films combine a high performance, high privacy exterior with a low reflective interior appearance.  Ideal for vertical glass application for commercial and municipal energy efficiency projects.

Xceptional range

Watch for XTRM versions of Hanita’s Spectrally Selective exterior films later this year!

XTRM savings for window film professionals:

Hanita has redefined the boundaries of exterior applications, making it as worthwhile to install outdoors as indoors.   So, benefit from the outstanding energy efficiency performance of exterior films, and the opportunity to safely enhance even sophisticated glass units.

You can play an active part in the building sector’s energy-efficiency revolution with XTRM, the film that’s breaking barriers.

Only the best get the best   -   XTRM is available exclusively through XTRM-certified installers.

XTRM efficiency for energy professionals

Why use XTRM long life exterior films for your energy-efficiency glazing upgrade?   Because:

  • XTRM long life exterior films offer the ideal solution for reducing heat build-up – and energy bills – over the long term.  With an extended service life, you gain greater savings, for a longer time.
  • XTRM films enhance even the most advanced glazing systems, complementing the functionality of low-e glass for year-round savings, or improving the performance of tinted / reflective IGUs in a way that would never be possible with ordinary interior window films.

*Contact your regional Hanita dealer for full terms and conditions of warranty


Film Transmitted Reflected
UV Rejected Shading Coefficient Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Total Solar Energy Rejected
SolarZoneXTRM Silver 20X 15% 63% 63% 99.9% 0.20 0.17 83%
SolarZoneXTRM SkyLiteS20X 15% 63% 66% 99.9% 0.20 0.17 83%
SolarZoneXTRM PolyZone SkyLite 15% 63% 66% 99.9% 0.20 0.17 83%
SolarZoneXTRM Silver 35X 33% 42% 42% 99.9% 0.39 0.34 66%
SolarZoneXTRM Titan 07 7% 20% 66% 99.9% 0.17 0.15 85%
SolarZoneXTRM Titan 20 20% 17% 40% 99.9% 0.33 0.29 71%
SolarZoneXTRM Titan 35 36% 14% 22% 99.9% 0.50 0.43 57%

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