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With SolarZone window films from Hanita, you can:

Reduce heat buildup, temperature fluctuation and hot spots

Window films from Hanita Coatings not only yield a better bottom line because of their significant savings on energy costs, but they also enhance glass safety and provide a more comfortable, stylish interior. With less heat penetrating through SolarZone windows on sunny aspects, there are fewer hotspots and more even room temperatures. This frees up window-side space for full functionality, especially important in commercial, retail and educational settings.

Dramatically reduce glare

Glare affects the workplace, commercial centers and residences. It can be solved easily with Hanita window films. Whether the challenge is reflected light on computer or TV screens or harsh, dazzling light that ruins the ambiance, SolarZone window films present an ideal solution, softening sunlight and retaining natural light and views. Generally, the darker the film, the more effective the glare reduction. Check out the range of highly energy efficient SolarZone Dual Reflective films, which cut glare by up to 92% but maintain a neutral interior to preserve the view outside.

Inhibit fading

UV radiation is a major cause of fading and damage to interior furnishings and fittings, artwork or retail stock. While nothing can prevent fading completely, a report by the US National Bureau of Standards (NBS) concluded that blocking UV radiation would slow the rate of fading in most material by a factor of three. Most SolarZone window films block up to 99+% of UV radiation, which together with the films’ effective heat and visible light reduction, help keep interior furnishing and goods in pristine condition for many years. UV Filter film is recommended for museum and gallery use, blocking 100% of UV radiation.


Sustain health

Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause skin aging, skin cancer, cataracts and other eye diseases. Although clear glass blocks around 30% of UV light, damaging UVA rays in particular still penetrate through windows and skylights to threaten well-being. Most SolarZone films block 99% of UV light, and Hanita’s UV Filter film delivers 100% protection, making it the ideal solution for photosensitive individuals. Thanks to its imperceptible appearance, UV Filter film can be installed on nearly all vehicle windows, including windshields, for 360o sun protection.

Upgrade appearances

SolarZone window films can transform façades at a fraction of what it costs to replace the glazing system. SolarZone can dramatically upgrade the exterior of a building, renovating the appearance of demetallized panes or updating the look of 1970s gold or colored glass. SolarZone films disguise unaesthetic drapes and blinds and add visual uniformity to a building. 

But when the goal is to preserve the appearance and architectural integrity of a building, SolarZone’s range of Spectrally Selective energy-efficient films go virtually unnoticed on the glass, yet provide significant levels of solar protection and energy savings.



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