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SolarZone energy efficiency program

SolarZone energy efficiency program


SolarZone energy efficiency program

Hanita Coatings is a major manufacturer of window films and a global leader in the design and manufacture of exterior solar control films that deliver outstanding energy efficiency to glazing.

Hanita has tailored a unique 5-step program for implementing glazing energy upgrades with Hanita's SolarZone window films to provide a turnkey solution with total project support.

  1. Building Survey

    Guidance and tools for on-site data collection, with user-friendly tools for recording building data, and professional guidance in making the most of data available.  

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  2. Energy Modeling

    Comprehensive analysis and savings forecast, based on US Department of Energy -approved Energy Plus modeling engine, with proven correlation to actual results.

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  3. Incentives Assessment

    Support for meeting rebate and tax credit requirements where applicable. This is part of our localized expertise in various regions around the world.

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  4. Film Installation

    Non-disruptive, turnkey glazing upgrade by a certified SolarZone team ensures professional procedure and effective results, and backing by a long-lasting manufacturer’s warranty.

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  5. Measurement & Verification

    Post – installation performance tracking, providing measurement and verification of energy savings gained, using sophisticated electronic toolkits.

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How can you benefit?

Energy Efficiency Professionals

For ESCOs and energy consultants, the SolarZone Energy Efficiency Program adds a new energy conservation method to your business - glazing upgrades.

Window Film Professionals

We equip you with knowledge, tools, professional support, and the industry’s most effective energy-efficiency films to give you a new item in the value chain to upturn your business.

Hotel and Hospitality Managers

Find out how an energy-efficiency upgrade with SolarZone films can benefit your hotel, giving high guest comfort - and low HVAC costs!

Property and Facility Managers

An energy-efficiency upgrade with SolarZone films not only improves energy performance inside the building, but it can also dramatically enhance its exterior.

Join the SolarZone energy efficiency Program today!

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