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Threats mitigated by SafetyZone window films

Shatter Protection

Hanita Coatings' SafetyZone safety and security laminates upgrade glass security, producing a protective transparent barrier that provides an effective defense against glass fragments and splinters.  Many SafetyZone safety and security films and Advanced Security Solutions comply with stringent international standards for safety glazing, blast mitigation, windborne debris and resistance to burglary.

Shatter Protection


Blast and Explosion

Terrorism and crime aren’t the only cause of blasts and explosions. Industrial accidents at chemical production facilities or oil refineries often present a much greater threat, with damage extending well beyond the center of the explosion, often in a radius of thousands of feet. Due to the significant effects on the surrounding area, the vast majority of secondary blast injuries are caused by shards of flying glass. This is where Hanita’s SafetyZone safety and security films and accredited Advanced Security Solutions deliver outstanding performance — mitigating the risk of flying glass and protecting lives, industrial buildings and sites around the world.

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Windows and glass doors are a building’s most vulnerable spots, easy targets for forced entry or smash-and-grab crime.  SafetyZone safety and security films upgrade the glass to create a strong barrier that delays criminals until they either give up or help arrives.  In combination with the No-Bar® attachment system or other Advanced Security Solutions, SolarZone is recognized by insurance companies as a replacement for unsightly window bars or shutters, making it ideal for protecting retail storefronts.

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Vehicle Security

Hanita’s line of Automotive Security films deliver enhanced protection from car theft or injury in a road accident.

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Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters are catastrophic. The threat of personal injury and property damage from shards of flying glass can be significantly reduced with SafetyZone films.  Convenient, permanent, yet invisible, SafetyZone safety and security films can help provide an effective, accredited alternative to boarding up or taping property windows in the event of high winds or severe weather.


In many countries, glass in public places must be strengthened to protect customers, visitors or guests against accidental impact or collision. Schools, shops and offices around the globe comply by upgrade glazing with SafetyZone safety and security film, a clear protective film that adheres to the glass and prevents the dispersal of potentially lethal shards if the glass breaks on impact.

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Social unrest and crime make glazed areas vulnerable to damage.  Graffiti and damage from gouging, spraying or etching with acid is demoralizing to residents and business owners.  It must be tackled as it occurs, and glass replacement is expensive. Hanita’s cost-effective anti-graffiti films form a protective, removable barrier with a wipe-clean or sacrificial surface that protects glass and plastic glazing against vandalism.


Spontaneous Breakage

Tempered safety glass used in balustrades and glass façade construction is subject to faulty nickel sulfide inclusions or imperceptible cracks from careless installation. These faults can cause the glass to spontaneously break, showering cubes of glass on passers-by. Protective methods are often undertaken only after an incident of spontaneous glass breakage, which points to a weakness in the building’s glazing. Installing SafetyZone security film on both sides of the glass can mitigate glass dispersal. In combination with an additional advanced security anchoring system, SolarZone security film can prevent the shattered pane collapsing.

Spontaneous Breakage


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